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Excruitating Pain of ‘GOLFER’S ELBOW’ Gone!

With Non-Invasive Method

SuperSlow Zone Exercise Essential


Interview With Don Svedeman, Co-Owner SuperSlow Zone Pleasanton, CA

About Don:

  1. Started playing golf as a junior in high school
  2. Has been playing golf for 50+ years
  3. Current handicap: 6.4 index
  4. Interview topic: healing his dreaded Golfer’s Elbow


“Even though I should know better, I was swinging harder to reach that green in one…overdid it…and developed GOLFer’s ELBOW on both arms!”

“I was not playing as often as I used to, which was on average four times a week,  and of course, even though I should know better,  I get out there and I’m swinging hard because if I hit it a little bit harder I might be able to reach that green in one.

And I just overdid it and I ended up with golfer’s elbow actually on both my right and left elbow.”

Lots Of Pain – Tried Everything To Fix It

“I was waking up six, eight times a night because if I just rolled over and the elbow touched the mattress it was enough pain that it would wake me up. If I rested it on a desk or even a padded chair arm it would hurt.


Fixes I tried: that did NOT work

  • laying off playing golf for a while
  • then heat and cold compresses
  • finally went to a orthopedic surgeon who sent me to
    • physical therapy and that, after several weeks actually made it worse,
    • I went back to orthopedic surgeon again, they took x-rays and an MRI
    • They gave me several rounds of cortisone shots that didn’t work
    • As a last ditch effort the surgeon told me that my best bet is having surgery – I didn’t want to do that
  • I followed this by acupuncture; that didn’t work either

Golfer’s Elbow Gone!

With Shockwave Therapy

“Fortunately, SSZ Pleasanton held an Open House where I met Dr. Ulyss Bidkaram, Chiropractor, who told me about  Shockwave Therapy”.


He’s quite knowledgeable about it. I was intrigued because he was saying that they use it for tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shoulder issues, back issues, plantar fasciitis, etc. It is non-invasive and it works. It is used extensively in Europe. Since nothing else worked, I gave it a try.


What I Did with Shockwave Therapy:

  1. I did seven Shockwave Therapy sessions with Dr. Bidkaram.
  2. Each session lasted about 10 minutes.
  3. I was told to KEEP doing SSZ exercise and play golf while receiving Shockwave Therapy!
  4. Dr. Bidkaram said I should start feeling some relief during the time period of the seven sessions.
  5. He said it would continue to heal for as long as six months afterwards.
  6. After the fourth treatment, my elbow was 50% better and it wasn’t waking me up at night anymore.
  7. After the last treatment, I was 80-85% better.
  8. And there are no drugs, nothing.

“It’s just really amazing therapy; I never had anything work quite so well.”


What Does Shockwave Therapy Feel Like?



The equipment is adjustable, so if you feel any discomfort it can be turned down., I experienced very little discomfort.


After the first couple of sessions, my elbows started to feel a little less sensitive. I still could feel it if I touched a desk or something and the mattress was still waking me up, but not near as often.

After the first two Shockwave Therapy sessions, my elbow was a little bit better, and by the end of the fourth and fifth session I was really dumbfounded at how much better it felt. Literally, I could do all of my SSZ exercise and play golf without any pain!


My mind had to get used to the idea of no chronic pain! That was amazing.


Dr. Bidkaram did emphasize that it’s really important to continue doing SSZ exercise and of course playing golf. The combination of Shockwave Therapy and SSZ exercise seemed to work really well.

About Shockwave Therapy   


“Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy aka Accoustic Compression Therapy” is a state of the art, non-invasive treatment which has been around for over 30 years, principally in Europe. It is used for a number of conditions including “Golfer’s Elbow” also know as Medial Epicondylitis.

This technology uses purely soundwaves to breakup adhesions, scar tissue, and fibrotic tissue causing pain, weakness and limitiation in motion. When a golfer suffers from a Medial Epicondylitis ( Golfer’s Elbow ) combining this modality along with specific chiropractic adjusments of the elbow and myofascia release (massage), we are able to breakup the scar tissue and adhesion formtion in the injured elbow and reconstructing the elbow to close to a near normal status. The golfer can eliminating their pain, restore normal motion and function, and allowing them to continue with the sport they love. ”


Ulyss Bidkaram, DC, MUAC, CCST, IME


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Pleasanton, CA  94588

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