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 Busy Working Moms – Does This Sound Familiar?

I have a lot less time to take care of myself the way that I would like.”


The following is an interview of SuperSlow Zone Pleasanton client, Melinda Garcia, ESQ, Shareholder of Garcia & Gurney, ALC, Pleasanton, CA ( , a busy working mom, by Madeline Ross, SuperSlow Zone CEO.

Like most mothers, stay-at-home or working out of the home, ‘work’ is never done! We all know this…from sun rise to sun set, all moms ‘work’ but, do you make time to take care of yourself? This is what Madeline wanted to explore with Melinda.

Busy Mom – Does This Sound Like Your Schedule?

“I am up at 5:30 or 6:00 am. I do work, depending on the time of year, about 60 hours a week and that’s because I’m a shareholder in my law firm. I prepare my son for school; get him dressed, feed him, then I go to work…I pick my son up at 4:30 pm. I make dinner for my family. And after dinner, we’ll go on a walk around the neighborhood or something. We love to go outside to get fresh air, move and have fun.

After I spend time with my son, and then put him down for the evening, I do a few hours more of work.  On Saturday and Sunday is when I have more time go on a walk or we play and run. As a family, we like to move…and chasing after a very active 3 year old is a lot of moving.

I had to find a work out that fits my schedule…all busy moms are up against this.”

What A Work Day Looks Like – In America For Working Parents

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.37.35 AM  

This is a glimpse into a typical weekday for some of the busiest Americans:

working parents.

  • Sleep: They’re not quite getting eight hours of sleep per weeknight, and
  • Caring For Others: They’re spending a little over an hour a day focused on caring for their kids and others.



Dads Work Way More Than Moms…Except Not Really

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.37.51 AM


Among adults 18 and older, women spend far less time at work than men — even among full-time workersbut women have more time doing things like housework and cooking.

This trend is pronounced among parents of young children.

  • Father’s Time Working: for parents who have kids 6 and younger, dads spend, on average, almost one more hour at the office per day than moms (this includes part-time workers and both weekdays and weekends, hence the 5- and 6-hour workdays).
  • Mom’s Time Working: In addition to mom’s work day, add in housework, childcare, and shopping, and moms end up working almost as much as dads.
  • Who Relaxes: That said, dads also relax more, getting 40 minutes more leisure time per day, on average, than moms.
  • Sleep: Moms, meanwhile, get slightly more sleep than dads and also spend slightly more time on educational activities, like going to school or doing homework.


No Time – Busy Working Mom Needs Compact Exercise Solution That Is Not ‘Mirage Results’

“I have a lot less time as I know all busy moms do.

In terms of time management for someone like me who works a lot of hours a week it really works to have a compact exercise solution which is what I found in my 20 minute, two times a week exercise schedule at SSZ Pleasanton.

And…I had to find my compact exercise solution that doesn’t have some sort of mirage result at the end. It’s actually something that’s obtainable.”

The Charts, Above, DON’T Mention “EXERCISE”

You will notice from the charts above, ‘exercise’ is not even listed…unless, of course, it is lumped into leisure and sports.

‘Exercise’ is NOT distinguished. This is a sad state of affairs when it is essential to health, wealth and vitality…not to mention, releasing   s   t    r   e   s   s!

Mother | Former Athlete – “I’m a nicer person when I work out regularly!”

“I’ve always been pretty fit because I was an athlete when I was younger. I used to be an avid swimmer and runner and then I had a child. I was even active during my pregnancy. And then I had a child and had to deal with that and was finding myself with a lot less time to take care of myself the way that I would like.

My very active son is now three. As a first time mother at age 38, and working full time as an employment and business attorney, I’m stressed out all the time. I try not to be but I am and I’m a much nicer person if I work out regularly.  I had to find an exercise that took less time and got results.

While my goal has changed in that I’m not looking to be the fastest swimmer in the pool. I was looking to make sure that I’m doing an effective full body exercise that fit my demanding schedule. I found it at SuperSlow Zone Pleasanton. By appointment only and I’m in and out in about 20 minutes.”

Avoid Two Types Of Burnout

“There are two types of burnout I want to avoid: professional burnout and mommy burnout. All moms know that managing our time, and ensuring I take care of me, is just as important as taking care of my family and my business.

I know that if I am not moving forward, I’m moving backwards, so I had to take a step forward and take care of myself. If you don’t do it, who’s going to?”

Intimidation Vanished

The intimidation I felt about re-starting exercise was in regards to after I had a baby for the first time in my life I had a big stomach afterwards and so I think a lot of people feel they don’t want to go into some kind of class or something looking like that and I certainly felt that after having a baby.

Also, I have girlfriends and colleagues who have also gone through having a baby and are just intimidated by the idea of lifting weights or going into a gym where people are dressed a certain way wearing exercise clothes.

I think you don’t have any of that at SuperSlow Zone.

It’s a personal situation. I never feel like I am in a ‘gym.’ Other people work out at the same time as I do but there isn’t intimidation because my Instructor ensures I feel really welcomed and comfortable – now…they encourage you in a sense they want you to do well, they’re pretty upbeat so you don’t feel intimidated by ‘oh I can’t do this.’

My Instructor’s support and expertise is invaluable.”

A Cascade Of Results

Good Bye Bad Day

“I’ve noticed that I do very, very well in my SuperSlow Zone workouts if I’ve had a bad day and I think that’s partly because I’m releasing the stress and then I get my focus back. That’s always a really nice attribute about my work out.”

Reduce Risk of Injury, Build Muscle, Cardio Benefit – Just Overall Happier

“I’m looking to make sure that I’m exercising correctly because I have increased risk for injury at my age and as we all get older.

This type of workout is focused on fewer injuries, building muscle, but getting some cardio benefit out of it. It’s worked really well for my lifestyle and for the lifestyle of my husband, who is also an attorney. He’s a litigator and he has really benefited as well because we both go.

I have been able to increase muscle mass because I’ve been exercising more effectively.

I’m just overall happier because of doing those workouts. My workouts have also made me aware of getting the benefit of cardio and…when the weather is nice, I like to move outside.

Better Focus, Sleep And Brain Power – For Work, Home and Life!

“During my workout, I am highly focused and it’s great because it’s a way for me to completely forget about whatever it is that I was stressed out about.

I know that when I release stress, I learn better, sleep better, and I do my best thinking after I’ve had a workout and interestingly enough, exercise increases your brain power. This is something I didn’t know because I’m not a doctor or scientist but I definitely can tell you that I have witnessed it through what I get out of my workouts.”

These are some of the benefits of my SSZ Pleasanton workouts. The exercises are not especially difficult but you do need to do them correctly for them to work, which is why the format is really nice that you have an interaction with a certified Instructor who makes you focus on doing the exercises correctly.”

Right Results

“Well then again you have to have the right results in line because I know just from hearing people they just don’t understand how it all works, By that I mean that it’s a combination of factors.

You could do your SuperSlow Zone routine and never miss a time for your workout but be eating terribly and say that you don’t get results. You’ll still become strong with your workout; you’ll just be a more fit big person.

It depends on the results that you want. If you want to lose weight you also have to eat more responsibly and I think a lot of that is a misconception.

The nice thing that my Instructor did when I met her, besides being super upbeat and really positive, she helped me figure out what my goals were. She said, “Well, we just want to make sure you don’t think that you’re going to lose 100 pounds if you do our workouts and eat everything you want.” Obviously someone who has exercised knows that; it doesn’t work that way. Metabolism is different.”

What Would You Say To Busy Moms Who Have Never Exercised, Or Need To Re-Start, And They’re Scared, Intimidated Or Hesitant?

“Number one, there’s nothing to lose because it’s a step towards moving forward and improving yourself, improving your health. The second thing I would say is that if it’s a 20-minute step in the right direction towards a solution to improve your health why not do that?

And you know what, if you’re speaking to women who haven’t regularly exercised, I think the non-competitive component of SuperSlow Zone is really something attractive. You’re not comparing outfits, you’re not looking to see who can do the moves that you can’t like in a dance class; it really is about how can we improve your health and I have really enjoyed it. I would tell them that this is a great way to get healthy and it’s not cheating. It’s something that you can do and you do see results and you feel better.

It’s definitely not a weekend warrior kind of workout. A lot of people who start working out and don’t have a history of working out will do this thing where they just on Saturdays and Sundays go to the gym and stay there for four hours or something and you don’t really see results, and there’s a reason for that, but I think that this is just a gradual and intelligent focused approach to being healthier.

I would encourage them to try SSZ Pleasanton to see if it works for you. My SuperSlow Zone really wants to make sure it’s a good fit. I think this is good business because it shows that the company is interested in having happy clients who are successful with their results. If it’s not working for you then why continue?

The exercises are geared for your level of ability at the time that you’re doing it. The expertise of the Instructors is essential…and I know as moms, we could use some support for ourselves.

People need to start somewhere and it’s a great place to start.”






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