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SuperSlow Zone – Madeline Ross, Founder and CEO-Welcome & Quick Tour Of Client Success Stories [2:03]

In this short video, I invite you to look through the eyes of our clients for a quick tour of their SSZ experience and results. Enjoy! Madeline Ross

Kim, 40s, SSZ Client 12 Years – Success Story Short- Busy Professional [1:08]

Starting with a small goal of ‘pain in her upper back,’ 12 years later Kim is strong and healthy. She has a special message for people who may worry about being overweight and starting exercise: just try it! She knows her weight has gone up and down over the years AND she has kept faithful…

Linda, 50s, SSZ Client for 6 yrs-Success Story Short-Busy Professional [1:24]

Over 6 years of being a SSZ College Station client, Linda’s women friends have asked, “don’t you bulk up from strength training?” “Not so,” says Linda, “you are all feminine strong and look great!” Sustaining exceptional health and fitness results over time keeps Linda coming back. She also tells her friends and colleagues, “of course…

Debbie, 55, SSZ Client for 1 yr- Success Story Short-School Teacher of 15 years, Exercise Procrastinator [1:44]

Debbie’s Confession: Exercise Procrastinator NOT ANY MORE! After years of avoiding exercise, Debbie got the courage to START. A a professional teacher of 15 years, she is glad she is taking care of herself. Strong, toned, good bones, solid in her shoes – one small goal leading to a healthier, fit life.

Larry, 65, SSZ Client 12 Years – Success Story Short- Statistician, Former Butterball [2:01]

Larry used to a ‘butterball’. Not any more! As a SSZ College Station Client for 12 years, he sustains his strength, health and fitness by working out one time a week and eating well. As a professional statistician, SSZ has become part of his lifestyle – because it works….over the years.

Marie, 68, SSZ Client for 7 yrs- Success Story Short-Busy, Traveling Professional, Reversed Osteoporosis [2:28]

At 68, a busy professional traveling the country, Marie had a ‘small goal’ when she started: “put my computer bag in the overhead – no one was going to do this for me!” Next goal – reverse Osteoporosis. Over 7 years, one ‘small goal’ has lead to another, then another, then another…now leading a strong,…

George, 71, SSZ Client for 4 yrs- Success Story Short-Retired Professional, 465 on the Leg Press [1:39]

George confessed that he used to be fat and weak. Not any more! His leg press weight is currently at 465 lbs! How is that for a guy 71 years young, sleek and trim. As a retired business professional, George works out one time a week now for the last 4 years. He knows strength…

Susan, 72, SSZ Client for 1.5 yrs- Success Story Short-Medical Professional, Breast Cancer Survivor, Recreational Athlete [1:10]

As a very busy Physical Therapist of 50 years, Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemotherapy, losing 8% of her bone density and lymphedema, Susan hatched a dream: to compete in a regatta with her sister! She needed strength and courage …which she created step-by-step through SSZ. The outcome?: she and her sister came…

Frank, 92, SSZ Client for 2.5 yrs-Success Story Short-Retired Rancher & Texas A & M Prof, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes [1:30]

At 92, Frank lost something on June 10th of this year! His doctor took his high blood pressure medication away! He lost it because he does not need it anymore due to his exercise at SuperSlow Zone. His next goal? Diabetes. As a retired rancher and professor at Texas A&M, there is no stopping this…

Jack, 70, SSZ Client for 3 yrs- Success Story Short-Retired Psychologist [2:44]

As a retired psychologist, Jack knows that it is “much easier to keep the health you got than to try and get it back!” For the last 3 years, SSZ College Station has been a weekly good habit helping him to live a vibrant life. Jack also knows, “you can start this at any age…

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