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A Medical Alternative for Arthritis Pain Sufferers Is Now Provided by SuperSlow Zone in Omaha, Nebraska

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Arthritic pain relief is possible without medication.  SuperSlow Zone , a Premier Personal Wellness and Exercise Studio, is now excited to share their insight into how physical activity helps provide relief to those with arthritic pain. “Physical activity is just as important for arthritis sufferers as it is for all children and adults,” says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Arthritis Foundation released A National Public Health Agenda for Osteoarthritis which is a public health plan to address the most common type of arthritis. The Agenda lists physical activity as a priority intervention to improve arthritis symptoms and prevent arthritis-related limitations in activity. In addition to public health agencies promoting physical activity to manage arthritis, the American College of Rheumatology also recommends physical activity for almost all types of forms of arthritis (OA & RA).

Public health agencies support physical activity as a self-management strategy for adults with arthritis. “Arthritis Today,” published by the US Arthritis Foundation, featured the SuperSlow Zone® personal strength training system stating, “it can help manage your arthritis pain, strengthen the muscles around your joints, alleviate swelling and lubricate your joints. Strength training, and specifically weight lifting, has been known to decrease the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis.” Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] stated that strength training reduced Arthritis pain by 43% and is as effective, or better than, medications.

Traditional weightlifting involves workouts focused on repetitions, or number of times one performs a single exercise. At SuperSlow Zone, clients, under continuous expert-supervision of an Accredited, Certified SuperSlow Zone Instructor, strength train by raising the weights for 10 seconds in a positive direction and 10 seconds lowering the weights in a negative direction. Because the muscle is taxed over a longer period with each slow repetition, fewer repetitions and a shorter workout time are required. Clients enjoy an ideal-clinically controlled exercise environment, devoid of noise, distractions, mirrors, etc. Clients prefer a “professional service,” versus a ‘gym.’ Equally important is the Instructor’s focus on personalizing the client’s exercise regimen to the specific needs and goals of each client. The SuperSlow Zone personal strength training system is a total body work out in approximately 20 minutes, one to two days a week, and has consistently produced significant positive changes for our clients with Arthritis.

Gaining more strength in less time and with fewer repetitions appeals to everyone, but the SuperSlow Zone exercise system of personal strength training offers something more for people with arthritis: more control of motion through the entire movement, causing less pressure on the joints and preventing pain. “People with stiff or impaired joints who need extra protection when they exercise are the ones who benefit the most from SuperSlow Zone exercise,” says David Fisher, MD, a rheumatologist in Palo Alto, California.

“SuperSlow Zone” is an exercise program initially developed in the early ‘80s for use in an osteoporosis study. In some location, up to 50% of clients have minor to major medical diagnosis or health conditions. Clients with very challenging medical and functional issues initially improve their health and wellbeing and then focus on optimal health and fitness. This is typically unheard of for people with challenging medical or health concerns. Optimal health and fitness can sound like a ‘dream’…but not so for SuperSlow Zone clients with Arthritis.

As with all forms of exercise, talk to a physician before beginning a new program. Sections of this article were also published by The Arthritis Foundation. The SuperSlow Zone featured article in Arthritis Today, “Build Twice The Muscle in Half The Time.”

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